Sunday, March 21, 2010


I woke up this morning with an absurd feeling that quite haunted me. It really confusing since I don't think that I had a problem, my life been great lately. There's something wrong with me, I guess. Having this kind of feeling is really uncomfortable and give me a huge pressure... Hate it so much.. Hate it because I really have no idea how to solve it and it makes me look so weak.. Huaahh...

It seems that I've got to deal with it as my own "reflection of life".. I said that because I do been thinking about what would I become for about next five years and have I become a good person already.. You know, these kind of questions are quite bothering so much, at least for me though.. It's kind of a burden for me, indirectly, because you know.. We've been socialized and got involved with so many persons who really care to us, and absolutely, we won't let them down.. Well, frankly speaking, I do feel like that.. I do feel like I am letting them down, I really am not a good person. Aarrghh... If only I could turn back the time.. If only I was a better person.. If only.. If only...

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