Friday, March 4, 2011

kaliandra, i'm in love

Okay, I've many problems that i wanna tell yall.
I spent a windy couple of days at Kaliandra with my friends and my friends (?)

I've been obsessed with the idea of
What bestfriends are for?
Is it weird that we've got some complicate's problems, like we're haven't met for a very-very long time
Is it weird if we fight, if we stabbed back her/him.
Is it means BestFriend?
I'll let the pictures do the talking...
Find me, I'm the one who r not ready
for take a snap -_-
i heart this one

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome March !

Be a Good Month ya March ({}).
Sometimes I think about
how much Claudio loves me
and how much I love him,
and I think,
"I couldn't possibly love him any more than I do right now."
I've thought that same thought every day for nearly 5 months now.
Maybe it's not that we love each other more;
maybe it's that we still love each other just as much.

Monday, February 28, 2011

i'm back for the loooooong time . . .

Heyy! What's up budd ? {mmm} i've no idea for this post, i just knew the pass of this blog. {youknowwho}. Someone who envy with my ..... forget it. Last day i spent my half day (?) with my buffy. I just realized how i love him. I love him just the way he is. No matter what happen. Or something, someone break us. I'll do everything to keep our relationship. I want him, I want to be with him, {forever}. God, please don't make us break up. I love him so much. I believe him, like he believe me too. We can create a long relationship. I want that so badly. {very}.
I love you Yana Claudio Rachmadi :')

Sunday, February 27, 2011


hey you !

i LOVE you ODI :))

Friday, April 30, 2010

The end of April

Hell-o, seems like i've too late to post a new post (?). Alright, pengumuman kelulusan katanya tanggal 3. Bentar lagi dong ya? I wish i'll get awesome score. Amin. Doainn ya (Kalo baca). Sebenernya aku was-was juga liat di berita banyak yang ngga lulus. Dan rata-rata pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia. Dan kata Kepala Sekolahnya, mereka grogi waktu hari pertama. DAN TERNYATA, mereka semua rata-rata ANAK PINTAR. (aneh tapi nyata). Gimana nih? Takuut, gimana nanti aku ngga lulus? *lulus kok tif* xD. Kalo masalah lulus ngga lulusnya sepertinya udah toleran ya, tapi liat nilai danemnya tuh yang merinding juga. Oh GOD pwease help me :( LULUS 100%. Masuk SMALABAYA/SMANSA. AMIIIIN

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Rainy Amaziy xD

Pagi ini aku bangun jam 6.30, hehe. Maklum weekend. I wish this Sunday will be an EXTRAORDINARY sunday. Jam 8 aku mau observasi sama temen-temen buat cari album kenangan, mungkin cuma bentar. Trus jam 10 mau ke surabaya, suntuk abis unas. Hehe. Anyway, yang baca ini tolong doakan aku LULUS UNAS danem bagus. Awkaay, GBU :*.
Oiya, tadi malem aku punya lullaby, dan manjur. Hehe -->